Instagram SEO: Optimize Your Account for a Wider Reach

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May 23, 2019
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For some time now Instagram has been adding more features to make the content more discoverable on the platform. With the growth of the daily users and uploaded content, it is only natural that Instagram will try to optimize its search to help you discover the best content based on the keywords that you are typing into the search bar. This is what SEO is all about. So if you are trying to grow your account, optimizing your profile for the Instagram algorithm will give you a nice boost in platform visibility. Additionally, you can help your content have a life beyond Instagram by optimizing it for Google. Keep on reading to learn all the tricks!

TIP 1:

Include your main keyword in your IG handle

For example, if you are trying to be discovered by the keyword “marketing” you may want to include the word in your handle. See the screenshot below of what it looks like in action:

TIP 2:

Include your main keywords in your name field

The name field in your Instagram bio is searchable and separate from your Instagram handle. This is the best place for you to add a few main keywords that’ll help you get discovered in search.

TIP 3:

Optimize your bio with keywords:

Make sure you are using every available character to add important keywords and hashtags to your bio. 

TIP 4:

Add an ALT text to your photos:

An ALT text is nothing more than a description of what is on your photo. Is it NOT your photo caption. ALT text has been used for years in web development, and now Instagram is offering the same feature. Adding this text is very important because:

  1. It helps visually-impaired people understand what is on your photo.
  2. It helps Google discover your photos by reading your keywords, hence essentially giving your content a chance to live outside of Instagram! How awesome is that?

Adding an ALT text is very easy:

  • Upload a photo to Instagram.
  • Edit the image, then tap Next.
  • Tap Advanced Settings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Alt Text
  • Write your alt text in the box and tap Done.

It should look like something like this:


I hope you found these tips useful and easy to understand. Send me a DM on Instagram @margarita_olontseva if you have any questions!