This is what I do:

Professional Experience

I have always been fascinated with human behavior and reasons behind how and why we make our decisions. I graduated UCSD with a Bachelor in Psychology and realized early on that there is no better way of applying my knowledge of how people think than crafting a career in Marketing. I decided to continue my education at UCSD earning a Professional Certificate in Marketing, while developing a deep appreciation for technology and the easiness with which it allowed professionals like me to deliver our messages. Today I specialize in everything that has to do with Digital Marketing, be that content creation, strategy planning, SEO optimization or online advertising.
  • Digital Marketing90%
  • Content Marketing95%
  • SEO Marketing80%
  • Social Media95%
  • Email Marketing85%
  • Influencer Marketing85%
  • Online Advertising85%
  • Research Methods70%
  • LIVE Video95%
  • Photoshoot Management90%
  • Video Shoot Management90%
  • Online Community Outreach80%

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