Margarita Olontseva

October 29, 2017

Micro-influencers: less followers, more engagement!

There is a misconception that influencer marketing is just another term for celebrity endorsement. Yes, it is true that celebrities have a lot of influence over […]
August 5, 2017

Fuel Your Content Strategy With User Generated Content

If you are among those lucky people who have not heard the term millennials yet, let me enlighten you! Millennial is that person sitting next to […]
July 4, 2017

To LIVE or not to LIVE? 3 Reasons to try Facebook Live.

In April of 2016 Mark Zuckerberg has announced that one of Facebook’s newest and hottest features – Live video, will now be available to everyone. If […]
June 5, 2017

Influencer Marketing: Better Way to Market in 2017

Did you know that: 78 percent of brands increased their content creation over the years but average content engagement decreased by 60 percent? 47 percent of […]